Grand opening exhibit at UGLY STUDIO here in Leonia

Event details

  • Thursday | December 22, 2022 to Monday | January 30, 2023
  • All Day
  • 269 Fort Lee Road, Leonia

UGLY STUDIO is here in Leonia.


Wed- Fri 2-8pm
Sat & Sun By Appointment

Check our website and Instagram for updates on events! & @uglystudionj

We are offended by the mass-produced. We take the blemished, the forgotten, the used, and the unique to fight off a world that is becoming evermore uniform, symmetrical, and indifferent. The pieces you see displayed in UGLY STUDIO are not to be misunderstood; they are not art. These pieces will serve as an instrument of disruption from the monotonous. They are only to be enjoyed by the disturbed eye, those who lust for the luxury of imperfection.