Christmas Poetry Book Launch

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  • Monday | November 1, 2021
  • All Day

This is a new poetry collection about Christmas and Motherhood

by Yevgeniya  Przhebelskaya

Reflecting back on my long and frustrating journey to conceive and grappling with sleepless nights of new motherhood gave birth to this poetry collection. The isolated Christmases of pandemic winters made me reflect on connection and isolation of new parents, and on the eternal peace and grace of Christ.

the night shift

every night
we become
master burpers, sooth sayers, rockers;
our prayers
go straight up

every night
we lose our breath, our pace
goes a little faster –
over excitement
while the sleep deficit is building up

every night ends
and daytime brings rest
baby turns back
into a sleeping angel
calmingly nursing on a schedule

until the next night