Charlie Chalkin

Visual Artist / Photography, Filmmaker

Chalkin Creative was founded in 2014 by Charlie Chalkin. We are a boutique, full-service production company based out of our studio in Union Square Manhattan. At Chalkin Creative, we handle everything from pre-production to post-production of video and photo projects depending on our clients’ varied needs. Charlie, our “Main Guy” (at Chalkin Creative, we eschew corporate-speak!), is an experienced Director and DoP with deep knowledge of all equipment and procedures on set. We obsess over capturing the world around us and showing  it in the most unique and riveting way possible. There is great joy to be found in creating and capturing moments that only happen once. Our reason for existing is to record these beautiful and ephemeral moments and share them with the world. Our motivation is pure passion and love for what we do.

From large brands like Patron, Google, and Grubhub, to mom-and-pop style companies, Chalkin Creative has collaborated with a broad range of businesses. We enjoy every opportunity to think outside the box because we live to create.