Allen Terrell

Allen Terrell is a contemporary artist living in Leonia. He has exhibited in NY and Los Angeles and has recently relocated to the east coast from Los Angeles where he was also a curator for 10 years at the DAC Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. His art consists of both...

Angela Kwak

I’ve grown up in Leonia for most of my life and being an artist, performer, and creator has been such a fulfilling aspect of it. My experience varies in all sorts of arts such as digital art to musical performances. I’ve had my hand at several genres of art, such...

Daniela Castaldo

My name is Daniela and I am a local artist whose favorite thing to do is cartoons, but I do other things as well.

David Baron

I am a life-long resident of Leonia.  My style of painting is in the abstract expressionist watercolors.  I studied with Pamela Lovell who lived in Leonia.

Michael Scowden

Landscape, portrait and still life painting and design

Mo Riza

Multidisciplinary designer and visual artist, exploring analog and digital medium.

Paul Leibow

My work is going in a few directions both in abstraction and figurative, however the figure might not always be human, a figure to me can be alternative such as letter forms, words, maps, symbols or abstracted facial characters from vintage cartoons. Constant attempts to come away with a new...

Rich Veca

A cartoonist since memory allows, Rich Veca is an avid friend to the pencil and pen. Drawing inspiration from works of fiction, fantasy, adventure, pop culture, and personal accounts, he strives to make work that excites the imagination. He believes art is an outlet for the soul and has the...

Stefania Gallico

Stefania is an illustrator and film nerd obsessed with visual storytelling. She has been writing, drawing and making horror movies ever since she was a kid. After graduating from School of Visual Arts in Manhattan she moved to LA to channel her love of stories into a career as a...