Ahna Tessler

  www.ahnatesslerphotography.com I’m a mother who was living in New York City for the past 23 years. Now I’m a Jersey Girl! My first experience as a photographer began on the other side of the camera when my father would take photos of my sisters and me.  Although he is...

Charlie Chalkin

Chalkin Creative was founded in 2014 by Charlie Chalkin. We are a boutique, full-service production company based out of our studio in Union Square Manhattan. At Chalkin Creative, we handle everything from pre-production to post-production of video and photo projects depending on our clients’ varied needs. Charlie, our “Main Guy”...

Dennis Chalkin

For 50 years, Dennis Chalkin has transformed chaos and monotony into gripping, decisively-composed images. Through his discerning lens, Chalkin frames a singularly unique body of work, a gritty point of view, and a poignant commentary on the fortuitous and coincidental–and often invisible–minor miracles that comprise the daily world around us....

James Leynse

James Leynse is a New Jersey based architectural and corporate photographer. He works regularly for corporations such as Adidas, Aramco, Bensimon Partners, as well as with architects and designers. Publications he has worked with include Newsweek, Time, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, Metropolis, and Le Point. He has traveled extensively through...

Jane Barnes

  I’ve always enjoyed all types of artistic expression and in my younger years I dabbled in various types of media. Then life happened and creating art took a backseat to motherhood, work and caring for family. Unfortunately, I forgot to make time for art. My happy reunion withcreating art...

Jiro Tcholakian

  Jiro Tcholakian was born to an Armenian family in Beirut, Lebanon and residing in the US since 1983 is a conceptual photographer and abstract painter. “art is humanity’s salvation.”

Kevin Murray

Landscape and Street Photography is my passion. Always looking to capture a great image. Forever looking to capture a great moment. website: 500px.com/kmurray1

Marcia Wilson 1937-2018

I am a failed artist Enjoying every bit of it Delighted to live in my home town of Leonia NJ As a kid I studied oil painting with Charles Chapman Jewelry with Charles Cole Love this town MarciaSandmeyerWilsonArt.com

Matt Dine

Photographer/Oboist Matt Dine is equally at home with an oboe or a camera.  Co-principal oboist of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and Principal oboist of American Ballet Theatre, New York-based Dine leads a varied and busy performing life while serving as a freelance culture photographer for The New York Times and...

Mo Riza

Multidisciplinary designer and visual artist, exploring analog and digital medium. moriza.com