Liberty Arts Theatre

Arts Organization

Founded by Leonia native, Alison Miller, Liberty Arts Theatre is a local, community-oriented collective of artists dedicated to fostering the development and production of art in Bergen County, New Jersey.  We love all art – song, dance, spoken word, visual art – the more forms the richer the experience. And we do not discriminate based upon political division.  We respect humans’ right to privacy and encourage inclusion and cooperation amongst anyone wishing to find a safe and supportive space to create.

We believe art can entertain but also seek the truth.  We love to perform and put on a show but, we aren’t afraid to ask tough questions.  We desire to feel and think. We also choose to honor and embrace older traditions in performance while fostering the development of newer voices.  Many artists have made a choice to neglect and disrespect the old.   We do not limit ourselves. We remain open to possibility. We welcome anyone of any age

Like so many people over the last two years, we at Liberty Arts experienced isolation and disconnection in addition to changing worldviews and social patterns. Under the direction of our founder, Ali, we made a decision to emerge from this cocoon in a fresher and more beautiful form. Like the blue, morpho butterfly, we spread our wings and are ready to take flight.

So, come.  Join us.  We welcome you to play!

LIBERTY ARTS THEATRE is a non-profit,
501(c)3, charitable organization!

Please consider donating and helping us bring accessible, inclusive and affordable theatre to our surrounding community.

Visit our website and social media to learn more about us.

We love making theatre and would like to hear from you.  Leave us a message.  Ask us a question.  Offer a suggestion.  We will respond.

Liberty Arts Theatre P.O.Box 425 Leonia, NJ 07605