Ahna Tessler

Visual Artist / Photography
Writer / Screenwriting



I’m a mother who was living in New York City for the past 23 years. Now I’m a Jersey Girl!

My first experience as a photographer began on the other side of the camera when my father would take photos of my sisters and me.  Although he is a psychiatrist, he is a photographer at heart.  When my now 9-year-old twins were born, it apparently activated some latent gene in my DNA and I somehow found time (in between double breast feeding sessions) to become obsessed with photography.

My background is in comedy and screenwriting but it was kind of impossible to work the stand-up circuit and pen a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster hit movie when I had two human parasites clinging to my soul and body 95% of the time:) My husband had a camera and I picked it up and started capturing my kids. I immediately fell in love with this new form of storytelling.

Photography has given me the opportunity to explore the beauty, humor and grit of human interaction on a new stage… the family. My style can be best described as “documentary” in the sense that I aim to capture my clients within the context of authentic family life.