Deborah Hopping

Visual Artist / Mixed Media
Performing Artist / Improvisation
Designer / Graphic Design

Deborah’s art “What lies beneath” is a study in awareness and our ability to change. Starting with torn magazine paper and acrylics, her work evolves while leaving things hidden in layers beneath the surface. After creating her pieces in small format, she then photographs and enlarges them as prints to reveal the rough, imperfect details.

Graphic Design: Deborah began her career in Silicon Valley, near San Francisco in 1976 where she lived for over 34 years. She is a well rounded designer, who has worked for clients ranging from performers/theatre to high-tech.

Improvisational Theatre: Deborah performed in and around San Francisco with a number of troupes including TheatreSports where she made up songs on the spot for improvised musicals. She has also taught improv.