Marsha Heller

Visual Artist / Painting
Performing Artist / Musician

Born in 1939 into a family of artists including my sister and brother I decided to become a musician. I came to NY after graduating from Oberlin, and soon won the Concert Artists Guild competition. I wanted to design the flier for my recital so I went to the School of Visual Arts to learn the techniques of graphic design.

I studied art with Irving Marantz at NYU, where my love of painting surfaced.  Then summers at Chautauqua with Revington Arthur, and finally serendipity sent me to Sam Feinstein’s classes, where I worked intensively from 1986 until his death in 2003.

I have been showing my art – acrylics, pastels, oil, encaustics – for more than 20 years – my first show was at the Leonia Library!