Paul Leibow

Visual Artist / Painting, Drawing, Photography, Mixed Media

My work is going in a few directions both in abstraction and figurative, however the figure might not always be human, a figure to me can be alternative such as letter forms, words, maps, symbols or abstracted facial characters from vintage cartoons. Constant attempts to come away with a new language or cultivated style that builds upon itself. Sometimes I start off looking at an idea from an activist stand point which can help jump start the piece or series… however the work may not necessarily display one point of view, answer a question or solve a problem when others view the work; I found experimenting with identity based work does not have to be mine when addressing humanity which can often work out better for me when working on art films, it helps to crack open a poetic narrative, addressing activism from the torn, frayed social fabric, or miscarriage of justice speaking truth to power…I will also look at contemporary artists such as Sandford Bigger’s who utilizes symbols on critical issues that informed his source materials. The alphabet of my vocabulary is something I try to enhance and re use to address ideas from different angles and hopefully start some magic a work can obtain.