Vincent Priblo

Visual Artist / Painting

I use art as a way to express my inner joy and love of life.  I consider painting as a journey that has just begun.  My methodology is very dynamic and always evolving and developing , sometimes resulting in finished works which have little resemblance to my original idea.  When I started painting, I never thought it would lead to abstract expressionism. Once I entered the realm, I never looked back, I love it.

I feel my expressionist works are like a visualization of the emotions we feel as we make our way through life.  I’m portraying the impressions which are in my mind and soul.  Fortunately, the more I work, the more ideas and images come to me during the process, often by mistake or through serendipity. I’ll never have time to paint all the ideas that come to me.

Of course, the beauty of art and expressionism is that we all see things differently.  I enjoy getting feedback from people who view my artwork.