Silverio Barbosa

Visual Artist / Painting

Silverio Barbosa worked as an architectural draftsman in Brasilia in the 1970s, where he developed his knack for art.  He developed his skills by doing extensive work on scale models.   Silverio then, worked on transforming these skills into an art form.

Silverio moved to the US in the 1970s.  It was then that he was introduced to 3-D art and transformed his draftsman skills to create a unique style of art.

His 3-D masterpieces received acclaim from boxing legend, Mohamed Ali; New York Yankees former coach, Joe Torre, former NY Yankee, David Wells, and other prominent sports figures.

Silverio receives much of his inspiration from the artist Vincent Van Gogh and most recently began creating abstract art.  “I’ve found that this kind of work is the form of self-expression that I’ve been looking for.  Everyone sees and feels the emotion, texture and depth in each of my pictures,” says the artist.

Silverio’s artwork has been exhibited at The North Jersey Art Exposition, The Brazilian American United Association, The Starlight Foundation, Steiner Sports Galleries, and in other private galleries and shows.