Aaron Kokas

Hi! I’m a freelance 2D animator and compositer. I use primarily After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator in the NYC area. Visit my website

Adam Pitt

I spent many years working in large corporations hiding my identity as an Artist. In fact, I  have been a woodcut printmaker for 26 years making over 330 different prints about my experiences in the workplace unbeknownst to my bosses. I had many stressful, brutal and enlightening experiences as an...

Ahna Tessler

  www.ahnatesslerphotography.com I’m a mother who was living in New York City for the past 23 years. Now I’m a Jersey Girl! My first experience as a photographer began on the other side of the camera when my father would take photos of my sisters and me.  Although he is...

Allen Terrell

Allen Terrell is a contemporary artist living in Leonia. He has exhibited in NY and Los Angeles and has recently relocated to the east coast from Los Angeles where he was also a curator for 10 years at the DAC Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles. His art consists of both...

Bahram Sayari

Born in Tehran, Iran and educated in product design in England, I have been a resident of the Leonia community for over 25 years while working in Construction Management in New York City. Since taking my first sculpting class at The Art Students League 12 years ago, I have worked...

Charlie Chalkin

Chalkin Creative was founded in 2014 by Charlie Chalkin. We are a boutique, full-service production company based out of our studio in Union Square Manhattan. At Chalkin Creative, we handle everything from pre-production to post-production of video and photo projects depending on our clients’ varied needs. Charlie, our “Main Guy”...

Claudia Portnoy

Art is the ever present energy of life. I love creating art and to me life is art and art is life.

Daniela Castaldo

My name is Daniela and I am a local artist whose favorite thing to do is cartoons, but I do other things as well.

David Baron

I am a life-long resident of Leonia.  My style of painting is in the abstract expressionist watercolors.  I studied with Pamela Lovell who lived in Leonia. davidbaronartgalleryllc.com

Deborah Hopping

Deborah’s art “What lies beneath” is a study in awareness and our ability to change. Starting with torn magazine paper and acrylics, her work evolves while leaving things hidden in layers beneath the surface. After creating her pieces in small format, she then photographs and enlarges them as prints to...